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He ran from the room and Michelle chased after him before the show cut to black.

Here's what happened on Rose Ceremony Continued: Graham is having a massive panic attack at the thought of spending eternity with Ash Lee.

Melanie and Beau were voted back into "Paradise Hotel".

Related quizzes can be found here: Paradise Hotel Quizzes There are 57 questions on this topic. 23-year old Keith said his occupation before the show was male model. :) Beau was the radio DJ, Tom was the bartender and Keith's partner on the show, Tara, was a student. Tara and Keith were not yet an official item on the show. Tom was the next to be eliminated, as a consequence Dave chose Beau as the next member to leave. He may have been nice to her when he came back, but before he left, he was really mean, calling her fat, yelling at her constantly and pouting when she chose him as a roommate for the first time.

Last night, the Rose Ceremony was interrupted when Graham had to take a moment midceremony, because all the drama was getting to him and his sensitive disposition.

Read the full recap here, but the TL; DR version is that Michelle clued Graham in to the details of Ash Lee's behavior, and Graham couldn't simultaneously process the fact that his lady seems to be one bunny short of being a bunny boiler and accept Ash Lee's proffered rose.

She went into the ocean while Marcus went in there by himself feeling rejected over bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

Clare's date: Clare initially wanted to take Graham on the date, but Ash Lee "claimed" Graham at the start, which made Clare go on a date with Robert.

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