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If so, no doubt you dismissed your fears as paranoid.Of course, we give Wikipedia the copyright to use the Jamtland flag. (Homepage for Bo Oscarsson) The generic symbolism for the flag's colours is the following: blue for the mountanins, white for the almost ever-present snow and green for the forests.Sincerely, Bo Oscarsson" Bo Oscarsson Kulturverksamhet Kunskapens väg 6, 831 40 Östersund 063 12 22 52 Bostad: Regementsgatan 1 831 41 Östersund 063 51 14 41 We especially thank you Mr. Other interpretations defend the position of blue for Jamtland, white for Harjeadalen and green for Ravund; the three territorial and historical units that assemble the Republic of Jamtland.Please use the navigation bar to find the services you are after.In light of the recent news announcing that the subscription agent Swets has gone into administration you will find more information on the respective price list page for specific instructions for each publisher.

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