Who is paul byrom of patrick thunder dating

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Colm & Emmet are single Damian is single All of them are Irish except George and Emmett O' Hanlon.

George is from Scotland, and Emmett O' Hanlon is from the US.

The Irish singing group is heading on a North American tour that will span from August until December, giving fans across the country the chance to see the group live.

Take a look at the schedule below and go see Celtic Thunder when they stop in a city near you!

Tickets are for the concert, or , which includes the concert and a personal Meet and Greet prior to the show.

Don't miss your chance to buy Celtic Thunder tickets!

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The show starts at 8PM and tickets are available through the B. Paul Byrom's vocal talent drew the attention at an early age.Keith has married A girl named Kelsey and Colm married Laura the CT cellest, Damian has a girlfriendr, George was married with 1 daughter , Paul is married . - Neil is dating the violinist of Celtic Thunder named Nicole Hudson. - Colm is dating the cellist of Celtic Thunder named Laura. Neil is dating Nicole CT violinist that is all I know - Damian has a girlfriend. The show that we will be touring will be based on the one that filmed in Casino Rama in March 2015.There will be a new Special for Public Television airing in March 2016 with the CD and DVD from the show going on release in February 2016.

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