Who is anna kendrick dating 2016

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, Kendrick and Diplo were seen having dinner in late November at Craig’s in Los Angeles.

A so-called source tells the tabloid, “Skrillex was there too, but he was definitely the third wheel.” The same supposed source adds that Kendrick and Diplo looked “super flirty” over dinner.

In a presentation held in the festival’s second-biggest theater, Dream Works Animation head Jeffery Katzenberg dryly introduced the film, pausing every few sentences so a woman hiding in the shadows could translate his speech into French.

(It was pleasing to hear Katzenberg say “Shrek” and then, moments later, hear the French woman also say “Shrek”.) Katzenberg explained that Cannes has premiered many Dream Works animated films, or at least clips of those films ( directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn to the stage, so they could give some remarks that were even more canned (and obviously read off a teleprompter) than Katzenberg’s, stilted high-five and all.

In her new book , Kendrick is at her self-deprecating best, sharing stories about surviving while broke, how she stopped chasing bad boys and how George Clooney kept her in the moment during filming. “Something amazing happened to me when I hit my mid-20s,” she explained. In fact, I stopped liking guys who were bad people.” Despite making a name for herself in films like , Kendrick was still struggling to make ends meet.A source "close to Anna" told the publication that although they may seem like an unlikely match, the "Pitch Perfect" star "has a penchant for men like Diplo." "She likes bad boys," the source smiled. Her parents would freak if they knew she was seeing him." Diplo and Perry dated on an off in 2014.The DJ made headlines after poking fun of Perry's rival, Taylor Swift, by suggesting there should be a Kickstarter campaign to get Swift a booty.(Not that they need any persuading.) Kendrick voices the queen troll, while Timberlake is the rare grumpy troll she has to team up with after the bad guys, weird goblin looking things called Bergens (why Bergens, of all possible names for troll-eating goblins? It’s all a pretty elaborate, labored way of dressing up the fact that Dream Works basically just said, “Let’s make a movie based on those toys,” but, in the few clips shown at the presentation, the animation was pretty and Kendrick is a natural choice to play a sprightly little creature.features both original songs (co-written by Timberlake) and some covers of popular tunes.

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