Voice interface must be shutdown before updating

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The following is sample output from the show voice trunk-conditioning supervisory summary command for all voice ports: To display the current version of the Voice over IP debug structure, use the show voip debug version command in privileged EXEC mode.

show voice translation-profile [command displays the trunk signaling status for analog and digital voice ports on the Cisco 2600 series and the Cisco 3600 series routers.Before delving into the specific syntax of configuring these voice ports, this section begins by considering several examples of voice applications.The applications discussed help illustrate the function of the voice ports, whose configuration is addressed at the end of this section.This chapter introduces basic configuration of analog and digital voice ports, and demonstrates how to fine-tune voice ports with port-specific configurations.Upon completing this chapter, you will be able to configure voice interfaces on Cisco voice-enabled equipment for connection to traditional, nonpacketized telephony equipment.

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