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Despite nascent views that linguistic differences may also have a positive impact on communication, we lack a clear understanding of how these positive outcomes develop. In this paper, we developed and tested a moderated mediation model of interunit relational characteristics in reverse knowledge transfer.

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At the presentation the organizers announced the bidding results of the first three lots. During the first week of the biddings there were more than 40 000 visitors who looked through the charitable lots at the auction site.

The famous Ukrainian sportsmen, musicians, designers and TV presenters put up for sale their time and talent to raise funds for new up-to-date equipment for donor blood purification.

The charitable auction is organized by the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation in partnership with

You’ve probably done a soil test and the results might not be as perfect as expected, I mean the amount of a certain mineral or nutrient in your soil is probably too big and unnecessary, so it needs to be removed.

Well, you may often find some very good instructions which will help you understand the way of removing those nutrients from the soil, whether it is a simple way of just using the mixture of gypsum and water or a little more complex method.

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