Updating platform i86pc boot archive this may take a minute

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This is what I see when it boots up (part of the left if cut off because of the KVM software) It doesn't do anything and doesn't respond to any keyboard commands.

I rebooted into failsafe mode and got an error about a corrupt boot_archive so I had it rebuild it.

If you have a SPARC machine, you can cheerfully ignore this.

It should return a line with the BIOS disk number and full path for each disk. Creating compare databases for boot environment It didn't interfere with the process at all. Either pop the DVD in the drive or mount using the loopback interface. INFORMATION: The file on boot environment Boot menu exists.

The Solaris installation system (text installer, live installer) does not recognise the AHCI controller, although the controller is explicitly listed as supported on the official HCL? Apparently the driver would work, but it just refuses to do so, because the controller announces itself with the wrong hardware class (raid controller) or something, because of this silly fake raid thing.

Somehow I finally managed to attach the correct driver and install Solaris, but the installed system does not boot! In the BIOS I have the possibility to choose between mode, but apparently that costs a lot of performance.

These steps are: These steps are fine if all we want to do is build and test a new kernel, but there are times when they are insufficient: we either want to install some new userland components, or our newly built kernel is incompatible with the userland libraries and applications that are currently installed. Another example of a Flag Day is when we need to update a library and a command that relies on that library at the same time.

It often doesn't, so this is an important first step.

After that was done tried rebooting and still the same issue.

Rebooted again into failsafe mode and checked the disk for errors (format, analyze, read from here) and didn't find any errors, ran fsck on the drive and nothing.

This article assumes that readers are familiar with the contents of the first article--or at the very least know how to acquire the Open Solaris source code, build it, and Install it.

For the sake of consistency, this article will deal with the same version of code the first one did, even though newer versions have been made available between the two publication dates.

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