Updating naics codes

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To the extent that dollar revenues are derived from manufacturing operations (NAICS Sectors 31-33), data must be submitted at the 10-digit product code level (NAICS-based codes).

As of August 18, 2011, filing persons must use the most recent NAICS reporting year in their response(s) to the HSR Form. See the HSR Form Instructions for additional guidance.

updating naics codes-34

Revising the SOC is a multi-year process, during which the interagency SOC Policy Committee (SOCPC) will formulate recommendations for revisions that are submitted to OMB for consideration.

More information about the Standard Occupational Classification system, including the full SOC structure, is available from the BLS SOC page.

Detailed information on using the SOC to classify occupations can be found in the SOC User Guide.

To facilitate classification, detailed occupations are combined to form 461 broad occupations, 97 minor groups, and 23 major groups.

Detailed occupations in the SOC with similar job duties, and in some cases skills, education, and/or training, are grouped together.

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