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Tell me what the problem is exactly or I can't do anything to fix the issue.Update 02/15/11 Added new background image for Taekwon Master.

https://github.com/Nyxvanthcal/openkore Not tested yet ! I'm facing an error using your files : "Can't reconstruct unknown packet 02B0 at src/Network/Packet line 129." EDIT: after some investigations, i found this : Do you have sure your server is using encryption packet scheme !? if we problem with keys or the packet, only map timeout will show, not the denied connection. I thinks its rathena client bug, activating obfus packet with broken key (only 1 key define like the pic below) And the client still got no error and works perfectly. The openkore didn't send EE70 or the Map_login packet. Delete all your old versions of kore to rakki RO...

but he tells me the keys is exactly same with the version, so if i can get the version, i get the keys. oke, i will try to find another knowledge about themida lol thanks before @novishivsmoke Looks like u're forcing to enter in the game. I believe that this message of "Your coordinates" is a bug. :/ Post a screen of the bot running without errors please !

@novishivsmoke So the developer said that he customs the keys and the version. Try inverting the second number with the third and lets go ! I've tried the default keys from PEEK Extract same with you mention above , and inverting all of it, 321,312,213,231,123,132 and nothing changed.

to include the default clientscheme simply updating/extracting to the newest version will result in seeing the fonts for scoreboard connection status, the XP breakdown fonts and the borders for XP breakdown and Rematch vote HUD, otherwise add the following to their respective sections.

Gullerup Beach Inn is located just a few meters from the fjord on the north side of Mors and has a magnificent view over Hanklit and Thisted.

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