Updating gtk how to

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i want to add the file contents to Tree View with regular update. import codecs,gtk def redraw(): f='/home/tree.txt' #this is realtime log file log=codecs.open(f,'r','utf-8') d=log.read() log.close return d DATA = [ [0, redraw()], [1, "one"], [2, "two"], [3, "three"], [4, "four"], [5, "five"], [6, "six"], [7, "seven"], [8, "eight"], ] class t_treeview_sort(gtk. Window.__init__(self) self.set_title("Treeview") self.set_geometry_hints(min_width=200) self.connect("destroy", gtk.main_quit) = gtk. SORT_ASCENDING while gtk.events_pending(): gtk.main_iteration() for data in DATA: iter = append( data ) set(iter) self.treeview = gtk. Tree View Column("Text", r, text=1) self.treeview.insert_column(tc, -1) self.treeview.set_model(self.list) self.treeview.set_headers_clickable(True) self.treeview.show() self.add(self.treeview) t = t_treeview_sort() t.show() gtk.main()#!

such as downloadmanagers show's every time the speed changes. in this code the "f='/home/tree.txt'" is a log file file regularly updated by another thread. Tree View Column("Id", r, text=0) self.treeview.insert_column(tc, -1) tc = gtk.

I knew that's ok because "grilo-plugins-0.3-base" was mentioned below, in the section that lets you know about new packages that will be installed:$ sudo apt dist-upgrade Reading package lists...

If you have a long-running callback or internal operation that tries to modify the application windows incrementally during its execution, you will notice that this doesn't happen; the windows of your app freeze for the duration.

Exceptions are Nautilus (3.14), GNOME Software and GNOME Calendar (both updated to version 3.20.x).

You may need this installer if you happen to run a GTK -based application and need GTK runtime environment to run it.

More eloquently, in the words of the great Malcolm Tredinnick, 'this requires using what should be called "Secret Technique #1 For Making Your Application Look Responsive"(tm): Of course, if your callback has a single instruction that takes a long time to process, this isn't an option.

There is no easy alternative to solve this problem, as far as I can see.

paste in this: `pkg-config –cflags gtk -3.0` `pkg-config –libs gtk -3.0` Note the single quote marks are correct and should be used as is!

Now you need to add all of the directories used by the gtk libraries – dull but necessary…

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