Updating genius on ipod

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The Genius feature might be interacting badly with a new app, or it might become frozen, just like an overloaded computer program.The i Phone's Genius feature creates playlists of songs that sound great together.

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Second, the Genius feature automatically creates general mixes, which are kind of like radio stations, playing songs of a specific genre on a continual randomized loop. If you do not have enough corresponding music, the Genius feature cannot create an adequate playlist.i Tunes will think for a while and eventually the status area at the top of the main window will say "Delivering your Genius results...".When it's done delivering your Genius results sync your phone with i Tunes.Whenever I press the genius button in the music app it says "This song does not have enough related songs to create a Genius Playlist." But with 15 GB of music all from the i Tunes store, I'm doubting this.For example, it says this with Skrillex's new EP, but there are at least half a dozen other albums in the same genre that it should easily be able to find.

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