Updating datasource using dataadapter

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A Data Set is an in-memory data store that can hold numerous tables.

Data Sets only hold data and do not interact with a data source.

Hi Your article is very good.i am new to database.i want to ask a question that in update your are changing the values but how can we Subtract the values in example a stock column contain 20,we give input as 5,then how can we subtract 5 from stock column and then stock column updated to 15.

In Lesson 3, we discussed a fully connected mode of operation for interacting with a data source by using the Sql Command object.

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This Lesson shows how to accomplish something in-between Sql Connection and Sql Data Reader interaction by using the Data Set and Sql Data Adapter objects.

NET, a Data Adapter functions as a bridge between a data source, and a disconnected data class, such as a Data Set.

At the simplest level it will specify SQL commands that provide elementary CRUD functionality.

The data adapter makes it easy for you to accomplish these things by helping to manage data in a disconnected mode.

The data adapter fills a Data Set object when reading the data and writes in a single batch when persisting changes back to the database.

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