Updating a ranch home

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A friend suggested they take a look at an allergen-free “atomic ranch” house 20 minutes from the Oxford campus in Hamilton.

“Atomic ranch” is a modernist style of mid-century ranch house. “We thought if we could find a house we might want to retire to, she could live in it now,” Bruce said.

Ranch homes tend to be easy to maintain because they’re often made of brick, which requires little fuss, and they’re sparsely adorned.

But their flat style can spell trouble down the road; rainwater tends to collect on poorly drained flat or near-flat roofs and leak as the house ages.

He replaced the linoleum bedroom flooring with cork, fixed damaged plaster, painted throughout the house, swapped out the “Home Depot lighting” with new and vintage fixtures, slated the front porch, tiled the kitchen floor added wainscoting in the mud/laundry room and upgraded some of the electrical, hot water and HVAC systems.

Remodel a small ranch house kitchen by expanding it and removing a wall to the living area, all without losing the original character of the home.

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The rear facade of this contemporary California ranch house is almost completely composed of glass, opening the home to its inviting outdoor view.

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