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(“looker”), or else an annual pension, in exchange for which he offered not to sell telescopes to foreign kings.

Two other claimants to the invention came forward, Jacob Metius and Sacharias Jansen.

Stories of early rocket like devices appear sporadically through the historical records of various cultures. To create explosions during religous festivals, they filled bamboo tubes with a mixture and tossed them into fires.

Perhaps some of those tubes failed to explode and instead skittered out of the fires, propelled by the gases and sparks produced by the burning gunpowder.

Like many inventions today there are disputes in origins of the original inventors.

The same dispute applies to who invented the microscope.

The earliest simple forms of magnification were magnifying glasses, usually about 6x - 10x and were used for inspecting tiny insects such as fleas, hence these early magnifiers called "flea glasses".

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In 1969 they released a new state-of-the-art format for at-home movie watching: the Laser Disc.The States General ruled that no patent should be granted because so many people knew about it and the device was so easy to copy.However, the States General granted Lippershey 900 florins for the instrument but required its modification into a binocular device.One of the first devices to successfully employ the principles essential to rocket flight was a wooden bird.The writings of Aulus Gellius, a Roman, tell a story of a Greek named Archytas who lived in the city of Tarentum, now a part of southern Italy. C., Archytas mystified and amused the citizens of Tarentum by flying a pigeon made of wood.

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