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The divorce coincides with Henry’s move from Arsenal this summer to Barcelona, where he will earn £130,000 a week.

Henry’s wife, Claire Merry, a model and mother of their twoyear- old daughter Tea, will be entitled to a large proportion of those wages as well as his current fortune.

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On top of earnings from football Henry has highly lucrative sponsorship deals and appeared in an advert for the Renault Clio in which he starred with his wife and which is also famous for the phrase va-va voom.

Ms Merry changed her name from Claire to Nicole after her character in the television advert.

He moved to Major League Soccer after that and performed brilliantly there and also got loaned to Arsenal once or twice in between.

His style of playing has been described as ostentatious, productive and complete and is the only player in the history of European football to have been named the Footballer of the Year for three years and has also been named the French Player of the Year on four different occasions.

In the course of his career with Arsenal, he made 369 appearances, scored 226 goals and served up 82 assists.At this stage he played on the left wing; later, manager Arsene Wenger realised he would be more effective as a striker.Henry’s impact on the team was instant and impressive, with fans predicting the advent of a new star.He is known as the ninth most commercially marketable footballer of the world because of his popularity amongst the audience.As Thierry Henry prepares for his first season in the MLS, SI presents some rare photos of the future New York Red Bull.

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