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It looks first at basic Buddhist ideas and practices, , and then and the relationship(s) between Buddhism and psychology, in two ways: in relation to the indigenous psychology of the Shan in contemporary Northern Thailand, and then in the ways elements from Buddhist meditation have been taken up in recent years by western scientific psychologists.The course ends with an ethnography of a Buddhist meditation monastery in Thailand.Somewhat like ' OMG', ' WTF' is used when an alarming event just occurred, or some unexpected and disturbing news was just conveyed. This expression is used in personal conversations where the two parties are well acquainted.This expression is commonly used to ask for the other person's opinion, or to check for their comfort level with the situation.

Philosophy and Lifes Meaning Questions for Reflection 1. What are some religious beliefs or pursuits that might give meaning to life? What are some non-religious beliefs or pursuits that might give meaning to life? Compare a typical city-dweller today to a typical hunter-gatherer 20,000 years ago.

What kinds of things might cast a shadow over the meaningfulness of life? Is the meaning of life for a human much different from the meaning of life for a cat? Suppose that God does not exist and human beings are simply the result of accidental evolutionary forces. Which of the two would have an easier time finding meaning in life?

John is a fervent Star Wars fan and has devoted much of his adult life to attending Star Wars conventions dressed as a storm trooper and contributing to Star Wars websites.

In addition, the package automatically creates a set of corpus reader instances that can be used to access the corpora in the NLTK data package.

Section Corpus Reader Objects ("Corpus Reader Objects") describes the corpus reader instances that can be used to read the corpora in the NLTK data package.

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