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It is uplifting for both practitioners and patients.Its objective is to bring about new awareness so that transition and problem-solving is possible.Mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, adversely affect physical health and ability to function, especially in older adults.Some late-life problems that can result in depression and anxiety include coping with physical health problems, caring for a spouse with dementia or a physical disability, grieving the death of loved ones, and managing conflict with family members.Some of these theories are known as grand theories and attempt to explain almost every aspect of how people change and grow over the course of childhood.In other instances, these theories focus on a more narrow aspect of development.

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An increasing number of older adults are immigrants or members of ethnic or racial minority groups.

Addressing these problems and treating often overlooked mental health conditions results in decreased emotional suffering, improved physical health, lessened disability, and a better quality of life for older adults and their families.

Increasing access to mental health services for older adults will reduce health care expenditures by lowering the frequency of primary care visits, medical procedures, and medication use.

Psychologists play a significant role in addressing the mental health needs and supporting the strengths of our growing population of older adults.

Collectively, psychologists provide more than 50,000 hours of care each week to older adults, and 70% of practicing psychologists provide some services to older adults.

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