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Virtually all men fantasize about having two girls, and many women admit to fantasizing about sex with two men.

Today, swingers experience the greatest freedom ever since this lifestyle now has a worldwide basis.

Being able to act out naughty fantasies means that couple are less likely to “cheat” on one another because they are given permission to engage in the activity.

To avoid any jealousy from taking over, some couples set boundaries.

We know most people in the lifestyle are looking for local swingers in their area.

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Swinging Local is an easy to use, fun, thoughtful and entertaining website where you can find your next adventure!If you prefer to have more privacy as individuals, you can each create single accounts.You'll still be able to connect with each other inside Swing Towns, and let others know how you are connected.There are couples who seek a sexual relationship between themselves and others, whilst some just want to limit their fun to flirting.Swinging, licentiousness is now increasingly common. While most swinging is about two couples sharing fun and swapping partners, many swingers regularly participate in threesomes.

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