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But the new restrictions extend that to men who might appear shirtless on TV.Islamic religious leaders pushed for the new ban, which also discourages producers from showing showing men and women in close proximity to one other at places like the office, weddings or parties.The ban on provocative love stories, which includes love triangles, is thought to stem from the popularity of the recent Iranian soap opera, , which featured a story about an older man who leaves his wife for a younger woman.Iranian satirist Pouria Alemi wrote a column Tuesday in the pro-reform newspaper Eternaad mocking the decision and pointing out that the only men shown shirtless on TV are in wrestling and swimming competitions.Many Iranians can see shows produced outside Iran, however, through the aid of satellite dishes, which are illegal in the country. Hesitate no more and brave the moment, make the first move.Editor's Note: This is part two in a three-part series examining Iran's ability to close the Strait of Hormuz.Iran knows its navy is no match for the ubiquitous and powerful U. Navy, so any credibility Iran may have in its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz rests on its asymmetric assets like small speedboats and more conventional weapons like anti-ship missiles and naval mines.

But Iran has also acquired more advanced naval mines that have complex and sensitive triggers — some can be detonated by acoustic noise, others by magnetic influence from the metal of a ship's hull.After watching “In Mere Spaces, All Things Are Side By Side”, I chatted with Morehshin through a series of google hangouts and emails, who is now based in San Francisco’s Bay area, to understand her art and her many different projects, including one that is being sent to space.Can you break down what is going in the Dark Matter project?This was the decade of the beehive and Sabrina's hair is piled up to create the look.Meanwhile her heavy make-up also reflects the trend for a feline flick of eyeliner to make the eyes appear bigger.

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