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Kelly_Monaco and I have been working on this guide for some time.

This is going to be a bigger more expanded guide later on, but this is what we have so far. A lot of theory in the beginning but it's VERY important to understand.

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I'm in a desperate situation but am completelyy genuine...I dont want a relationship or any strings attached etc.Im looking for a guy that would like to live out the role of being dominated an taken advantage off.There are many guys inquiring how to get their girlfriend to talk dirty, so I figured I'll write a guide. Everything described in this guide, I've done myself with various girls; some more than others.Because, some of the aspects of dirty talk can sound degrading to women, i wanted to point out that it is NOT degrading. Here you go: Separate TWO different realities On reality is behind the closed doors of your bedroom. What happens there does not carry out in real life.

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