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So, in honor of Anne Burrell’s kinda-sorta-not-really “coming out,” let’s look at some of the other fine ladies getting gay in the kitchen!

, also owns restaurants in the San Francisco and Houston airports and has four kids with her partner, Jennifer.

But since then, no manager or executive who was complicit in creating or maintaining a workplace in which Ghomeshi was allowed to operate with impunity has lost his job, let alone apologized.”Borel told Global News it never crossed her mind to go to police with her allegations.“In 2010, after my experience of talking to my union rep–where I told him explicitly about Jian’s sexual improprieties towards me–then being redirected to my executive producer, who essentially told me the harassment was my problem to solve, it never even crossed my mind to go to the police,” she wrote in an email., including Noorani’s apparent denial of her complaints and the memo sent by her former union that she says inaccurately implied she’d been lying.

CBC’s head of public affairs Chuck Thompson issused a statement in response to questions of how the CBC handled Borel’s situation.“The issues raised by Kathryn Borel are subject to the third party review and in order to ensure Ms.

Warning: This article contains language that some users may find offensive. TORONTO – Another woman has publicly identified herself with allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, the former CBC radio host who was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of “overcome resistance-choking” last Wednesday.

The charges were laid after three women filed reports to Toronto Police, and several others shared anonymous accounts of harassment in the media.

My golden years were marrying Maria and having the boys, I will never regret that or change that in anyway.

∙ The person holding this position is considered a "mandated reporter" under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.

∙ This position may be a "designated position" in the California State University's Conflict of Interest Code.

Much like Burrell, Cora was never really “in” the closet, but she never really “came out,” either.

When Cora spoke about her partner and family, she avoided gender-specific nouns, but then in November 2007 it’s possible some people were surprised to see her in It’s more or less impossible to be mad at Cat Cora. It’s unsurprising, then, that Cora ranked in the 2012 Autostraddle Hot 100 and that she’s actually not wearing any pants in that picture.

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    After breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Hannah Walker, in 2011, Louis went on a blind date with student Eleanor Calder — which was set up by Harry! And then there’s Zayn, the guy who has dated Perrie Edwards since December 2011.