Salafi dating

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You may not find services simliar to other matrimonial sites in Salafi Nikah. The new version of comes with more user friendly and new features.Now it is easy for you to contact, group and filter interested prospects in highly secure and Islamic manner.So may Allah reward those who took part in this effort. following aspects of the website: questions: were very good coz the more details u know about a person, the better layout: was organised ease of use: very easy colour scheme: very good other: the only problem i had when using it was..i pressed the saved button, it did save the details, except for the section on "religion." so i had to fill this section all again. It give us a pure and rightious way to find mates that Allah designed for us.MAt Allah reward who ever came up with this service ammen. Actually I was impressed, I didn't know that there was a site for "Salafi matrimonial".Notifications and email alerts about requests and other activities makes you feel staying connected to the website. My dear brother's in Islaam, Jazakumu Llaahu Khairan for the beautiful du'aa you made for me and my husband to be in shaa 'Allaah.Secondly: You should seek the help of your family and friends, and those who are in charge of Islamic centres, in looking for a righteous wife, in your homeland or in the place where you are staying.

And in the Sunan of Ibn Majah the prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) stated, “From the things that makes a man happy is a righteous wife whom whenever he looks at her she pleases him, whenever he commands her she obeys him, and whenever he is absent she is faithful with herself and his wealth.” Hadeeth hasan (hadeeth no. So look – may Allaah have mercy on you – at this hadeeth which illustrates therein a very high wisdom from the lips of the one who has been given concise, eloquent speech that contains much profound meaning.May Allaah increase you all in Eemaan, taqwa, Sabr, Ikhlas, Khushoo', Hikmah, 'Ilmun Nafee'an, and anything else dear and pleasing to him, Aameen.No, i did'nt meet him on, but on another matrimonial website.She willingly fulfills his requests and does what he wants; and this is the sign of true love 3. Hence if he is absent for a long or short period, he will be rest assured that she will safeguard her honor and integrity, and ensure that his wealth is not wasted Without these conditions neither of the spouses can ever be happy.And the Europeans have claimed to have attained the pinnacle of marital bliss because they allow the fiancé to interact with his fiancée before the marriage in a manner that is very disturbing.

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