Safari rss feeds not updating

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Most RSS readers are set to poll for updates every hour, and imagine when half-a-million Tiger Safari users who start hitting a server at the same time, pulling down RSS updates, because they have not changed the default settings. Times 24, and you have over 48 gigabytes of data transfer every day – just from Safari users alone.

What if more than a million Tiger Safaris were on the loose. While an addition 48 gigabytes of traffic a day or 1.4 terabyte a month is not that much for large sites, but it will add up.

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It is probably because one of your extensions is blocking it.

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Bug 10278 | Fixed an issue where the Carousel service would use excessive amount of memory when starting potentially causing poor performance or system hangs.

The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup.

That upgrade while great for the consumers, could come as a big shocker for those blogs whose feeds are included as part of Safari’s default starter package.

Infact it could be the biggest stress test for RSS thus far! Apple says that most of the default feeds are going to be major news sites like CNN. At this time they are not including any personal blogs as part of the default list. Lets say if one of these news operations updated their site once an hour and each update results in a nominal 5 kilobytes of RSS generated data, then 500,000 simultaneous Safari users polling at top of the hour would mean a total data transfer of over 2 gigabytes per hour.

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