Rothschild dating rapper

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The once homeless rapper now finds himself in the middle of a love scandal involving two British socialites. K.’s Daily Mail, Electronica, who’s been living in London recently, has reportedly broken up the marriage between music executive Kate Rothschild and British financier Ben Goldsmith.

Rothschild, a daughter of late billionaire banker Amschel Rothschild and founder of British-based record label Round Table, is often mentioned in tweets on Electronica’s Twitter page — he last tweeted a photo of Rothschild on May 21.

He's basically a corporation and some people feel like he's a sell out, despite him rapping about smelling like dank while sitting next to Hilary Clinton.

While trying to finesse my way into the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in time for Jay Electronica's set, I noticed a crowd of men in dark suits and bow ties rushing the entrance like soldiers. members, made his way to his trailer as if he were indeed the “Farrakhan of Rap.” Five minutes earlier, I had arrived at the media gate to meet up with my co-worker and friend, Insanul Ahmed—who had traveled from the Bronx while partaking in Ramadan because he had never seen Jay Elect live. Aligning with Elect shows that he still cares about quality hip-hop.

A slim Electronica, with a mouth full of gold and dressed in a Fruit of Islam uniform, flanked on each side by F. When we spotted the elusive rapper in the middle of the pack, we latched onto his entourage and made our way backstage unbothered. members made his way to his trailer as if he were indeed the “Farrakhan of Rap.” . On the flip side, Electronica needs Jigga for a platform and freedom to make the music he wants when he wants, something that Elect has obviously has taken advantage of.

The police were called to the house in response to a disturbance and arrested him for slapping his wife. The British tabloids have begun dubbing this the “first Twitter divorce.” (The Daily Mail has collected and organized all of the tweets.) The couple has since issued a joint statement, expressing regret for having been so public with the demise of their relationship. Click here for access to comments COMMENTING CHARGES Daily rate: Monthly rate: Yearly rate: 0 WAIT, WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO COMMENT?

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