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Quahaugs, Family Guy, Newport, Narragansett, The Ocean State, beaches, summer, Del's Lemonade, coffee syrup, "bubbla", Water Fire, Ferderal Hill, corruption, East Side, Mr. It was inevitable that we would have to put one of these pages together eventually. For now, almost all are SG-1, though there are a few crossovers with SGA, Teen Wolf (and slightly Star Trek: TOS), and NCIS. Instead of going on her own, she brings Martouf/Lantash as her date. [ Stargate SG-1 ( crossovers) | Teenwolf ( crossovers) ]Stargate SG-1 (and crossovers with this) Reunion, NC-17, Sam is going to her 15 year High School reunion and all her teammates are unavailable.Prompt: Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, love, kisses Published: 02/05/2014.

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Category: PWP, Romance Characters: Janet, Malek Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Sex , D/s Pairings: Janet/Malek Published: 02/11/2014 Completed: Yes Summary: Loki has captured some test subjects for testing his new aphrodisiac. Category: PWP, ART Characters: Sam, Martouf/Lantash, O'Neill, Daniel, Loki Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Sex, multiple partners Pairings: O'Neill/Daniel/Sam/Lantash/Martouf Published: 02/09/2014 Completed: Yes Summary: Martouf and Lantash have participated in a party at the SGC, and Sam decides to act on her attraction for them. Other variations include “Cumbys” slang for Cumberland Farms Convenience Store and “Dunks” which is slang for .The cities of Foster and Glocester seemingly never had school. RI’ers are famous for giving directions based on landmarks. A grinder is a sandwich made on a torpedo roll (similar to a hero or sub in other states). It refers to the gambling casino in Lincoln that years ago was originally a greyhound track. Not an uncommon thing in the SGC, although normally the medical facilities tended to be a bit quieter than the rest of the base.The current circumstances were a bit unusual, however. Two women stood aside, bemused."You know," Sam admitted, "we probably should have guessed that someone who can sense the geomagnetic poles of a planet might not like being exposed to an intense magnetic scan."Janet sighed, as Zuko finally extracted a thoroughly ruffled and upset Toph from what a few minutes ago had been the MRI machine. ""It might net Daniel a little extra funding for once? That surprised a dry laugh from Hammond as he dropped his hand and straightened, ready to take on the world – or at least, whatever insanity SG-1 had flushed from hiding Those other brass – and similar attitudes among the bureaucrats and politicians that tried to backseat-drive the SGC – were, in fact, partially responsible for the dearth of cultural experts in SGC, despite the recurring proof that a little finesse would go a long way in defusing misunderstandings that could end… Like the wreckage of the MRI."Although to be fair, sir," she admitted, "that was less a cultural misunderstanding and more on the part of myself and Dr.

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