Problems with consolidating itunes library

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The consolidated files will be copied and filed according to the i Tunes conventions, regardless of settings.

The only thing you have to do is set the desired destination folder in "i Tunes Music folder location".) Have you verified that the folder you're designating as the "i Tunes Music folder location" is set up to receive files?

hi everyone, can someone please please help me before I go slightly mad!!!!?

I have a 30gb video ipod,and alls been great its been my world for the last year. I have a laptop with a small 30gb memory which contains 10gb of programmes and 20gb of my ipod music.

To rename an event, double-click on its name in the i Photo window.

Music can be stored along with other media on i Tunes.

cosolodating libraries, changing the pathways and store folders in the advanced tabs on itunes, which has worked to some degree, my music does import and save to my e drive but I still get a library in my c drive.

The library in c drive still uses the same amount of memory as it used too, and I have the mp files on external.

I am running out of Hard Drive space on my computer.Once merged, related photos can be viewed in one place and unneeded items pruned out.Events can be created by date, topic, location or whatever suits your needs.I have an HP Media Smart server that I would like to use to hold my i Tunes library.I currently do not have i Tunes keeping my music folder organized.

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