Pre war gibson mastertone banjo dating no kid dating

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Maple was selected for its superior bending qualities compared to other woods in it’s weight/mass class (cherry, oak, etc.) at approx 35-40 pounds per cubic foot.

Depending on the model, there were either of three or four plies: three plies of 1/4″ maple to make up a 3/4″ rim machined down for one-piece flange models, and four plies of 1/4″ rim to make up the heavy rim used for tube-and-plate models.

Mastertone-Clone banjos use the same features seen on the classic Gibson Mastertone banjos of days-gone-by.

Production of metal banjo parts resumed in the Fall of 1946; however it is commonly believed that the metal composition of foundry products delivered to Gibson after World War II was inferior to that of parts produced prior to 1940.Many interesting changes occurred in the development of the Gibson banjo line between its inception in October 1918, and the end of it’s “pre-war” era in 1938.(For a glimpse at the sequential development, see Chronology of Gibson Banjos.) Following are details of construction features that occurred during this period: Model designations: The banjo models were given letter codings to indicate the type of stringing: TB referred to a tenor banjo, PB stood for plectrum banjo, GB described a guitar banjo, MB was applied to a mandolin banjo, UB denoted a ukulele banjo, and RB indicate a regular (5-string) banjo.The letters were followed by a number indicating the grade or quality of the instrument: -00 (double zero) was bottom of the line (although there was a short-lived “Jr.” model which was the least expensive); -0 was next; -1 was slightly better, and usually meant nickel plating and plain-colored finish; -11 (double 1) was a secondary inexpensive version; -2 followed with fancier inlays and extra binding; -3 was fancier; -4 fancier yet; and -5 (for a brief period) was the fanciest model boasting gold plating, choice curly maple, and elaborate inlay designs.Thus a TB-5 was a tenor banjo with -5 grade fancy trimmings.

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