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If you’re looking for that fellow, you can find him here. I don’t really have a strict guideline I employ when doing tags so you’ll have to wade through them.

I may tag something as large rather than hq either because it’s large but not huge or because it is huge but the quality of the photo itself lacks something to be desired.

Whenever I think back to some of the things I said or did, I’m like 'man, what a jerk!

If you’re looking for pictures from a specific show and you know the date, you can check to see if I’ve posted anything from that date, even if it’s not listed in the list using this date format: [month by number].[day].[two digit year]. Dear reader, will you please indulge me for a moment? I know people like to edit photos and, in my experience, tumblr users seem to prefer edits to original photos. So if someone sees your edit and wants to know what it’s from or find other similar photos, I can accommodate provide that information. Also, I know that a lot of people like to edit photos and post them, and by tagging the better quality ones I thought it would be easier to find ones that would be good for editing. If you have are looking for something specific and you cannot find it in the tags or by the date, go ahead and drop me a message in my ask and if there’s any way I can help you, I will. I started tagging pictures as hq because I was getting either actual hq resolution photos (5000 pixels or larger) or “large” versions of pictures I’d already posted smaller versions of; it was an easy way to let people know that even if they were seeing the same content, the quality of the pictures was much better. I have written one specific rec list, which is terribly outdated. Last month, we spent the day with the group as it drove across Florida – from Jacksonville to St.Petersburg – in an SUV caravan during a marathon tour of radio station festivals. "Real early on we decided that, regardless of who wrote what, we'd split everything four ways," says Patrick Stump. ' And all those bands are broken up, every single one of them."2.

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