Oliver norvell hardy dating

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Oliver Hardy was a successful character actor in silent films and a partner in the Academy Award–winning comedy team of Laurel and Hardy.

Born and raised in Georgia, Hardy performed in theater and vaudeville shows around the state early in his career, which laid the foundation for his later success as a film comedian.

Stan's first wife sometimes served as his personal business manager and handled all of his business dealings with Hal Roach.

Laurel and Hardy officially became a team in 1927 when they appeared together in the silent short film Putting Pants on Philip.

His father was a lawyer who died when Hardy was ten; his mother was a hotel owner in both his native Georgia and in Florida.

The young Hardy became fascinated with show business through the stories spun by the performers who stayed at his mother's hotel, and at age eight he ran away to join a minstrel troupe.

What some don't know is that 1935's Tit for Tat also received a nomination in the same category.

His stormiest marriage to Illiana Shuvalova, a Russian opera singer, lasted only a year. His final marriage was with Lucille Jones, a script girl that he had met during the filming of The Flying Deuces. Most fans know that the team's 1932 short The Music Box was honoured with an Academy Award for Best Short Subject.

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