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So I was online talking to women, playing sex with women, or talking about sex with women a good part of the time. And of course I was jacking all the time, because I am Fapmaster Flash, the greatest fapmaster that ever lived. I used to go to all those chatrooms to talk to chicks, play with them, whatever. The number of women in the 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s into this stuff would seriously blow you away. Internetman: No comment, but typically, or rather sadly, many lived too far away. I talked to a bunch of porn stars, mostly amateur, but some not. And one famous one from the US who I will not name. After she asks me my age, and she was freaked out at how old I was and disappointed. One time I met this chick in there, 15 year old girl. RL: How many women did you meet that way, in a sexual sense? Sure, there were tons of guys, but there were many, many women. I had women constantly inviting me to come see them, and saying that sex was going to be on the agenda. It has all been taken over by scammers, spammers and camwhores. Straight cyber is a blast, but audio is better, and camming is the best. She was seriously perverted, and we had a lot of fun.

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