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Amazing: The moment this newborn baby was delivered still inside the amniotic sac was captured on video in Spain on Saturday.

The video shows the baby moving inside the clear sac on a hospital table as doctors and nurses watch on Beautiful: Although the sac normally breaks during the stress of child birth, it had to be cut by a doctor in this instance.

Without her consent or knowledge, she was also forced to endure electricity passing through her brain in order to induce seizures, a process known as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). “It was only many years later that I found out that I was being given ECT.” Vidya is perceived as having a psychosocial disability, or mental health condition.

She later discovered that her husband had institutionalized her, which he was able to do under the terms of the Mental Health Act without the need for a court order.

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Despite initial reservations on the possibilities of technology, the number of children involved in the project has grown from 15 to over 200 in two years, including a few boys as well.

The information below will offer you useful tips and information to help guide your child through puberty.

P&G School Programs is proud to offer educators an assortment of tutorial videos to help you teach your classroom the fundamentals of adolescent development.

A resident sits on the floor in the women’s ward of Thane Mental Hospital, a 1,857-bed facility in the suburbs of Mumbai.

© 2013 Shantha Rau Barriga/Human Rights Watch 2013 Shantha Rau Barriga/Human Rights Watch The nurses would make us have the medications in front of them.

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