Most intimidating looking dogs

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Wouldn't want to piss him off though, doesn't look at all intimidating though.Now my bouvier if given a Bouvier cut would look intimidating as [email protected]*L But then I keep him cut short with a schnauzer puppy face, and he looks adorable.If she wasn't a hilarious clown then I wouldn't want to. Every time I see one being walked and on a leash with its owner, I can't help but think of the latest incident where one of these dogs severely mauled a child and had to be put down. Presna Canario is 1/2 Pitbull, 1/2 Japeneese Mastiff. ^ place this in your sig to remind the world that Spike92 is indeed 15 and will never be anything other than 15. Presna Canario is 1/2 Pitbull, 1/2 Japeneese Mastiff.

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be.

This is recognised by the fact many of these breeds are banned in countries throughout the world.

The breeds listed below are those which have been involved in numerous incidents.

Their prey drive isn’t triggered by other environmental objects, meaning that they won’t bark at other dogs or at squirrels, but are always certain to intimidate anyone who happens to come by.

Due to the difficulty in training, it’s common for owners to keep them as outdoors dogs rather than housetraining these massive canines.

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