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Now that's excellent, Metroid as a series is too amazing to be on hiatus for as long as it has been, and its legacy is to great to be defined by the Other M debacle. It has been amply demonstrated to us that this is the only way Metroid actually works in 3D (although the gameplay in Other M was actually alright, and the least of its problems, it wasn't on par with the beauty of Prime or Echoes). You don't have to call it that (although I would because the Prime name has prestige and it sells, and because it would make it very clear that this is not like Other M, and it has nothing to do with Other M). Presumably, one is in development for the Wii U, and the other for the 3DS. 3D: Metroid Prime 4The 3D Metroid game needs to be first person.

Give it to them, let them do it.2D: Metroid VOkay, the 2D one needs to be a sidescrolling game, in the vein of Metroid/Zero Mission, Metroid II, Super Metroid, and Fusion.

Actually, Nintendo is never going to top Super Metroid, so I wouldn't try.

But with that said, Fusion gave them a great template future 2D Metroid games. Tell us more about it.---On the whole, I do expect great things out of both the new Metroid games, Nintendo's recent mishandling of the series notwithstanding, and I have high hopes from them. What do you expect and want from the new Metroid games? I just played Fusion a couple days ago and it took my 3 hours to beat, and I was taking my sweet time.

Did the scientists and contractors meet and think, “If we don’t put a really deep, narrow shaft with nothing but platforms to jump to, this space station’ll never pass FHA loan inspections”?

is the greatest thing that came out of the early ’90s.

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