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Bothwell was the prime suspect in the murder, but was acquitted in what is now widely regarded as a sham trial.Mary claimed she fell pregnant after the marriage, but Ms Smith - who is also curator of Tetbury Castle in Staffordshire, where Mary was held prisoner - found that would have been impossible.The Scottish queen was held prisoner by her own people at the castle after she married James Hepburn, fourth Earl of Bothwell, just 12 weeks after Darnley's murder.

Romantic Scotland is hardly a new concept in the 21 century… Glasgow is reputedly the final resting place of St Valentine; as well as some blood-thirsty vampires.

Scottish actor Sam Heughan has gained cult status for his role as Jamie Fraser in the US television series Outlander, based on the books of Diana Gabaldon, yet at the same time he continues to fly largely under the radar in his homeland.

It's a curious juxtaposition but one which Heughan seems fairly relaxed about.

The miscarriage took place seven weeks after the wedding.

However, it would have required modern microscopes and knowledge of foetal development to identify the babies as twins such an early stage of pregnancy, said Ms Smith.

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