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How do you know which location is best for meeting other women?

And how do you know which group will have the type of women you’re looking to meet? They usually draw a crowd of about 60 women per meet up, gathering over the topic of women and dating.

A walk down Christopher Street in Greenwich Village is a tour of gay rights' most historic New York sites — and what has become possible in the movement’s wake.

Within a few blocks of the subway station are nearly a dozen bars, adorned with rainbow flags and paper lanterns, that attract a largely gay clientele.

For lesbians, the market is too small to support similar expansion.

Partly this is because it is difficult to be a small business owner anywhere, especially in New York.Both are neighborhood joints with raunchy signs on the walls and cheap draft beers at the bars."When I was in high school and college, there were at least eight or nine [lesbian bars] to go to," says Kim Stolz, 29, a New York City native.world unto itself, with over 2.5 registered residents.And while most of us know about New York City’s gayest neighborhoods, like Chelsea and Park Slope, in 2013 Brooklyn went beyond gayborhoods and was named the Lesbian Capital by the borough president.

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