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Our physicians, scientists, writers and Nobel laureates were young children then and were either immigrants themselves or had been born to those who had arrived recently. It ought to be understood that the Jewish communities of Southern Germany preceded all other Germans by at least seven hundred years, since the Germanic invasion of Western Europe from Siberia did not take place until the ninth century.Therefore, prominent Jews were not the Einsteins, Bellows or Chagalls, but those who had money and knew how to project themselves into prominence by financial means. Schiff was the descendent of a rabbinical family who had been in Frankfurt since 1370.Situated along the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Libya on the west and the Red Sea on the east.The southern boundry changed many times in different periods of history.

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This fantastic itinerary now includes all dinners and all sightseeing experiences.The population of Egypt is centered around the Nile River and its delta.Egypt, throughout the Biblical period, was one of the great powers of the world.But throuhout the Bibilical times the relationship between Israel and Egypt remained unique.Egypt played such a great part in Bible history that the name occurs more than 750 times in the Scriptures, and "Pharaoh" is mentioned over 200 times.

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