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My idea here is to introduce again the lush history of the shadchan and explain how the shadchan slipped out of favor and is now well and truly back into our lives again.The first recorded shadchan was G-d who made the match between Adam and Eve.Later on in the Torah we see Eliezer as the shadchan trying to find a match for his master Avraham’s son Yitzchak and of course he comes back with Rachel.We all know that G-d has our matches preordained in heaven and yet our matches are not revealed to us, we are supposed to search for our beshert.The JToronto dating process is created to make meeting your match as simple, quick and enjoyable as possible.JToronto uses the already successful JMatchmaking technology, through which thousands of Jewish singles from different ages, backgrounds & locations have found their match.But when the road gets rocky and your beshert is hidden, a shadchan can be your guide on this sometimes complicated and convoluted journey.As one person noted in his postscript to Rabbi Beryl Wein’s “The Shadchan”, “I would have given anything to have had a matchmaker find a mate for me.

Each dedicated matchmaker gets to know you & your dating criteria, & is available to give advice throughout.

And yet, we also have to forgive those who have never heard of a shadchan.

Some people may be forgiven for not realizing that the Jewish matchmaker, the shadchan, ever went out of vogue, for the Jewish matchmaker is so synonymous with Jewish life it is hard to believe that someone so vital and important can be forgotten.

JRetro Match's unique Jewish matchmaking process has helped thousands of singles of all ages, locations & backgrounds to find their Jewish match.

JRetro Match has had success with a broad strectrum of religious levels.

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