Jerry seinfeld dating record

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George thinks that she is just using Jerry as contingency plan.

Most of Jerry’s girlfriends brought with them a joke about the trials of dating and/or the self-centeredness of Jerry’s character, and Dolores was no exception: Jerry very much wanted to sleep with her, but he hadn’t asked her name when they met, and by the time they went out, he was too embarrassed to admit he didn’t know it.Kramer claims that "a nickel a day for twenty years" would come to ,000.Including the five leap years between the years 19 (when this episode aired), a nickel a day for twenty years only comes to 5.25 See more » Single Favorite Line: (Lieutenant Bookman recalls the past) "Yeah, '71, that was my first year on the job.year for libraries - bad year for America...hippies burning there library cards, Abbie Hoffman telling everyone to steal books...Haymen, the former Phys-Ed-tormentor-cum-homeless-loon. Seinfeld will also film two new stand-up specials for Netflix to be released later this year.

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