Invalidating the session in jsp Uae adult dating site

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I have read a lot of posts about this, but none of the solutions have worked for me.The problem is that I have a log in page, instanciate a session, set variables to my session and when I logout I use the session.invalidate(); method to keep security of my pages I use an if statement like String loged=String.value Of(Value("logedin")); if(loged.equals("false")|loged.equals(null)|loged.equals("")|loged.equals("null")){%Metaquestion: I'm curious about something that I've seen quite often in the various forums: Oftentimes and 'answer' will be in the form of "Look at the API" or even "RTFM".Firstly if you are using the J2EE Authentication service you cannot calla the login page directly but you execute the logaout ina separate page then you redirect the user to Home page.Then, the container check the user and if not authenticated it redirects to login page.

I have also mention that i used http session Context's method get Session(String session ID) but which is depreciated.What i am trying to do is when user is redirected to the login page it checks that whether there is already an existing session if yes, then it Invalidate's the session and user has to login again.But my code doesn't work after invalidating the session when i click on submit without filling username/password it still takes the old value...please tell me where am i going wrong?? Write a dedicated servlet that does the invalidate and simply invoke provide a link to it in your JSP.This sort of answer confuses me, because, ultimately, it seems, just about any question could be answered by pouring over the API and trying out various things.One of the reasons ..all, i want logout from one if i click browser back button,it bring me back to the jsp page...i do not want that..(i want like gmail.i.e, once you logout the page,then using browser back button you can not go back) please anyone give me the idea.. My problem is that when user closes the window directly(without logout), How to count active sessions.

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