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The two of us come from similar backgrounds and are on the same page in terms of world outlook.

We've only been on four dates so far, and I see that the fun we have being together is standing in the way of us connecting on a deeper level. And how should I proceed in this courtship without letting the chemistry overwhelm me?

Max Dear Max, We understand why you're concerned about how your friends would react to your "dilemma." Many of them probably wish they could feel as you do about someone they're dating!

That hope is fueled by our culture, which idealizes the concept of instantaneous, magnetic chemistry in order to make movies and novels more entertaining.

They like time alone to think about these things, but they’ve already spent much of their lives this way.

I'm afraid that if I fall into a relationship just because the chemistry is so strong, I'll be tempted to skip all the other steps that we need to have the right "building blocks" for marriage.All of the thinking Virgos do means that they how to make people feel special.They’ll send you a note at work when you get a promotion or if you’ve been having a difficult time.So I met him at the restaurant and we had to sit outside for a few minutes because it wasn't open yet.It was already kind of awkward just meeting for the first time, but instead of casual conversation he said "well, what do you think?

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