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We are both bisexual and would prefer to be with another bisexual couple. These are just few of the many things we want to do with each other, couples and dogs. Alice, I recently had intercourse with a sheep at a friend's house.I liked it so much that I want to do it again, but I am worried that I may contract a STD from the ewe. There are a number of infections that are known to cross the species barrier, but these are not the STIs that concern most humans — for more information, check out the archived response to Bestiality.If you remain worried about potential disease risk with any type of sexual activity, follow safer-sex guidelines — such as wearing a condom — in each and every one of your sexual encounters.[flash Ok this is my first time ever to submit a Animal Sex Story hope I can keep everyones interest.It all started when I was at a ripe age of (CENSOR).

As I was sitting with my legs opened I had on a dress my dog came up to me and licked my leg. I can tell u i was getting those butterflies in my tummy again but this time i felt more happining to me.

Je suis hétéro confirmé et j'adore les enfants dans un sens non sexuel mais je dois avouer que certaines idées me traversent occasionnellement dérivant de mon amour débordant pour eux.

Je débute dans ce sujet d'écriture et je m'appuie essentiellement sur mon imagination.

Aside from infections, here's something else to consider: it's impossible for animals to consent to sex with humans, and these acts are illegal in most places.

If animals become the focus of one's sexual attention and activity, it might be time to call a mental health counselor in your area to explore what's on your mind: concerns, motivations, etc.

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