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Really popular in Japan, they’ve picked up a bit of a casual following in the west as well.

But at least for many I have played, there’s something kind of creepy about the mechanical / strategic way in which you play the romance game.

When it is bad, it goes on much longer than it should.

It might just be perception distortion, but whether it is awkward date or painful horror movie, it seems like when it is bad, it never ends.

This is seen in the testimony of The Dive Mistress, the proprietor of the outstanding horror blog Zombots!

, who signed up for Horror Crush as a sort of social experiment.

From the website: Horror Crush is part of the "Fan Crush" network, which counts among its ranks three other free niche dating sites devoted to bringing together fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Otaku, which is apparently Japanese animation and manga.

The endless parade of repeated failed relationships, the perpetually dashed hopes, the awful ways people hurt each other. And the worse the date or movie, the more corny lines you are going to endure. This camp on Crystal Lake could be a delightful summer pastime.

It would be great if we could all avoid the pain of horror dating experiences.

But alas, if you’re going to put yourself in the game, then at some stage you’re going to get hurt.

While I really enjoyed some of the few dating sims I played, there was something that felt kind of creepy about many of them.

Basically, you level up your protagonist and perform day-to-day activities earning skills / cash / gifts / whatever to keep going and to impress other characters in the game so that you can date them.

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