Graham wardle and amber marshall dating 2016

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Ever since Heartland's premiere seven years ago, Amber fit right into the lifestyle of the west.She has since has made a home for herself on a small ranch outside of Calgary where she lives with her husband Shawn and their many animals.

amber marshall and graham wardle dating - Google Search. Heartland seems like the perfect role for Amber Marshall..

These include horses, cattle, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens.

Aside from production, Amber fills her time with appearances, charitable events and managing her own Magazine and Apparel line.

But when they find the plucky horse whisperer at the start of Heartland’s eighth season, they might not even recognize her.

As the CBC family drama opens, Amy is in full-on bombshell mode in Paris, there to work the World Equestrian Games with Prince Ahmed.

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