Gemini dating libra man orange county singles dating

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True to his trademark fairness, he weighs all sides carefully first, and even then he's likely to change his mind after giving it more thought.These same qualities can sometimes make him fickle in matters of the heart.Libra is similar to Gemini in the need for freedom, yet will argue all the while that they don't!Debating comes naturally to Libra (a quality that other astrological signs might find exasperating! Gemini lets Libra talk and Libra allows Gemini to express its comical side. Here are a few: Unlike the more stable and grounded earth signs (for example, Taurus or Capricorn), air signs are light as feathers (mentally speaking) that float and roam wherever they choose.Libra hates confrontation, which makes him fairly easy to please.On the down side, he may be very indecisive and hard to pin down to an opinion.The only potential problem in this relationship is that the Gemini woman is constantly changing her mind.Since the Libra man only wants to do whatever his lady wants, he simply can’t keep up and can become mentally exhausted from his balancing efforts.

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If a Gemini feels trapped in a relationship, he or she will quickly find a way to take flight.

They’ll talk for hours and the Libra man will use his charm and harmonious approach to get his Gemini woman on the same page as him when things get serious.

Sexually, this will be a light hearted and fun relationship.

The only thing which this love match needs to do is to regulate the money department as both are very liberal at spending money.

Compatibility of Libra Woman and Gemini Man This love match is an ideal one on the astrology chart because of their amazing chemistry.

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