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Just imagine numerous different standards all over the country, encompassing generation, distribution, equipment, etc., and you start to get the idea.Thomson-Houston held a number of critical patents and owned several other large companies including the Brush Electric Company and the Swan Incandescent Light Company which had been bought by Brush years earlier.It took a while for the numerous companies that made up GE to merge in a practical sense, and for several years GE sold systems under the Edison, Thomson-Houston, and Brush names since each was well established throughout the country.This page takes a look at some early GE arc lamps which I have found and restored.There was something different about Chita Johnson's weather forecast on the big scoreboard during the Houston Texans game Sunday. I couldn't figure what, so I emailed the popular meteorologist: What's the difference between doing the weather at NRG Stadium and doing the weather on Channel 11? It's the same fingers as Hook 'em Horns, but face the palm to yourself." She included a selfie - making what she calls the "Houston Texans sign." News to me. But I know I see fans doing the Hook 'em Horns sign often. Rappers and the Houston Rockets do it all the time. James Harden does it a lot, too." Though Johnson is wrong about the Texans having a hand sign, her street cred with the valuable "high school boys" demographic jumped 100 points. GE Equity and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson back the founders of the company with an 8 Million USD for a buyout of Elbit – a company operating several diagnostic centres in Hungary. In addition, the company entered the PET/CT Radiotherapy, Laboratory Diagnostics and Teleradiology markets.

Saw your comments on Wendy Liebman's appearance on "America's Got Talent." I heartily agree; what in the world is a successful, veteran comedian doing competing on a show for undiscovered talent? Guess that show forgot about her performance in "Dirty Dancing" with Houston boy Patrick Swayze. The company is passing on billion in sales to do the right thing.

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Curriculum Vitae Associate Chair EAS Department, Professor of Geology, Isotope Geochemistry Ph.

I am always interested in finding more lamps or dynamos so if you come across any please feel free to drop me a line!

I also love to hear from other collectors and lighting enthusiasts.

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