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Because up to 6 different webcams can be shared during a session, your screen may start to look busy.

Here are some ways to manage webcam views to free up some screen space and help you focus on the presentation.

Going live on You Now gives your event exposure to a much younger crowd and also allows you to give your event a much more personal touch with handheld broadcasting abilities on your smartphone or tablet.

Like You Now, Bambuser uses a system of hashtags and simple apps to bring your broadcast to the masses.

For Linux we support Motion, MJPG-streamer, Zone Minder.

For Android - IP Webcam (recommended), spy Net Cloud IP Camera (recommended), FRITZ!

enabled event planners to broadcast their events from afar so no matter where they may be, your attendees can still experience an event and not miss out on all its crucial information.

After the cameras added, you need to specify cameras username and password.

When multiple attendees are sharing their webcams, you can choose to see only the webcam of the person currently speaking (and a smaller image of the person who previously spoke).

Please note this feature is currently only available for Windows users only.

The Russian website that broadcasts thousands of private security camera feeds from around the world is still up and running. Reporters at the Daily Mail visited the site for several hours and saw sleeping babies, a boy playing on his computer, a boy sleeping in his bed, the inside of a changing room at a church, a woman in a rocking chair and two people eating in a kitchen. I use them throughout my home and even sell a few different styles in my store.

It currently has feeds from many countries, including 11,046 cameras in the U. The site owners have emphasized that they did not have hack into these cameras because they used default passwords to gain access. But, your security dreams could easily turn into privacy nightmares if you don't set up your camera correctly.

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