Free 60s plus web cam

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All software in this article has been tested with After you’ve declined the two bundled downloads in the Many Cam installer with a vengeance, you will discover that it is actually a decent webcam program.

The free version adds a Many Cam logo to all videos and pictures, but otherwise produces and files of commendable quality and can even record video as in 60 FPS.

The highest resolution in the free trial is 1024×768.

You've also got the option of 1080p footage, but that's limited to 30 fps.

Note that the Razer Stargazer, which was revealed at the start of the year, is capable of 1080p footage at 60 fps (although to be fair, this costs twice as much as the Logitech camera – although Razer's effort has other tricks up its sleeve like 3D scanning).

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