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Mc Closkey said he will stay on as associate chaplain until commencement on June 12.

Mc Closkey, who has worked at Princeton since 1985 amid a swirl of student and faculty protest, said Keane told him he wanted to hire a full-time nun or laywoman to fill the associate chaplain's position.

There is no wiggle room whatsoever in terms of that." By contrast, Pope John Paul II's opposition to the death penalty "has not taken away the perpetual teaching -- nor can it, I think -- of the church .

Religious identity and cultural assimilation from John Carroll to Flannery O'Connor.

Sam Brownback of Kansas, conservative book publisher Alfred Regnery, economist and commentator Larry Kudlow, and one-time New York gubernatorial candidate Lewis Lehrman.

Abortion doctor-turned-pro-lifer Bernard Nathanson was tutored by Mc Closkey, as was indicted Tyco International counsel Mark Belnick."It's just like the brokerage business or any business of sales," said Mc Closkey.

The famous Catholic philosopher (and convert) Dietrich von Hildebrand said that we should look upon all people we encounter as Catholics in re (in fact) or in spe (potentially).

Reprinted with permission of National Catholic Reporter. Some of the nation's leading conservatives are buying.

Some former Opus Dei members have charged, among other things, that the group is cult like in its adoration of founder Monsignor Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas, a Spaniard who died in 1975. But in a letter printed yesterday in the student newspaper, The Daily Princetonian, Mc Closkey wrote, "I deny the charges of infringement on academic freedom. I would be derelict in my pastoral role if I did not proffer that advice."Controversy has surrounded Mc Closkey since his arrival on campus and particularly since he was made an associate chaplain at the university in 1986.

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John Mc Closkey, III, STD is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

John Mc Closkey, director of the Washington archdiocese's Catholic Information Center, likens his current job to his pre-ordination experience hawking stocks on Wall Street."I'm a salesman for the church," said the 49-year-old Opus Dei priest.

Mc Closkey is credited with facilitating the conversions of such luminaries as failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, "Crossfire" co-host Robert Novak, Republican Sen.

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