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Dante Falconeri and his wife, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri via IVF. They also made two guest appearances on May 20, 2014 and on December 24 & 29 2014.She was portrayed by Harper Rose Barash, the real-life daughter of Kirsten Storms, who plays Georgie's on-screen mother, Maxie and Brandon Barash, who played Johnny Zacchara.Alesha gave the fans the first look at her daughter on an advert for Britain’s Got Talent in March 2014 where the then five- month-old looked on at her mum in joy as she giggled and danced around in her baby bouncer.Arctic's 5th PLUNGE June 4th SUNDAY (we're moving the date because of a booking exchange)Our theme this time will be Midnight Snack Prompts for the artists: A blinding light Sound waves Hot sauce The show is FREE with a suggested donation at the event or support us online at Featuring new works by Arctic Humans and guest artists including Marcus Crawford Guy, Michael Griffiths, Alisa Zhulina, Katie Vincent, Dennis Yueh-yeh Li, Mike Puckett, and (maybe) more Join us for the first Reading Lab of our 2017 Season!Directed by Sara Rademacher Emily Jewell as Nina Michael John Improta as Mike"Does This Woman Have a Name" Directed by Kelly Mc Cready Emily Nash as Mel Stephanie Sherry as Sarah James "Face" Yu as Jon"Candy Heart" Directed by Ran Xia Jenny Ward as Brenda Esther Ko as Monica"Big Mistake" Directed by Celine Havard Whitney St.Ours as Annie Julie Orkis as Lorna John Caliendo as Brian Zachary Gamble as Paul One Night Stand is one night only!The doctors implanted Maxie with one of their fertilized embryos and found out she was pregnant on Christmas Eve.

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This night will feature four short plays by Theresa Rebeck that explore the presence and absence of romantic relationships and how they make our lives wonderfully horrible.

She made debut on February 13, 2015 In late 2012, after Dante and Lulu found out that she couldn't carry to a baby to term, Maxie Jones offered to be their surrogate.

Lulu was sceptical at first but eventually warmed up to the idea and accepted Maxie's offer.

We encourage our audience to come drink wine, eat snacks, and share their ideas about new theatre. This month we have amazing multidisciplinary artists discussing the theme of creating, building & originating work from the ground up and integrating various disciplines.

Don't miss this dynamic evening of incredible artistry by these uber talented women creatives: Performance: Melinda Lauw (textile artist and immersive performance creator)Music: Ysanne Spevack (composer, chef, and sensory experience designer)Visual Art: Olen Riyanto (fiber artist and photographer)Literature: Ran Xia (playwright and director)Host: Alexandra Moro Come early to mix, stay after to mingle!

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