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Early in the disease, small white spots appear on the skin. Some doctors think a too active immune system and hormone problems may play a role. Other symptoms are: Doctors don't know the exact cause of lichen sclerosus.

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First phase is some of the most erotic missionary position sex ever seen, mainly because she's got a lovely pussy and to see it dicked like that is hot. we'll see who can find me first ;) Xo Xo Xo Please enter a comment. This allows doctors to make sure that it is not a different disease.If you have patches on the arms or upper body, they usually don't need treatment. Lichen sclerosus of the genital skin should be treated. When the lichen sclerosus patches are removed from the genitals of women and girls, they usually come back.Sometimes, lichen sclerosus appears on skin that has been damaged or scarred from some other previous injury.Lichen sclerosus is not contagious (it can't be caught from another person).

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